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Maxi-Pro 2P™


The Maxi-Pro 2P™ version of Dyna-Fog's vehicle mounted sprayers features the 18 HP Briggs engine, 300 CFM (8.5 cu. m./min.) Roots Blower, high output pumping system and full function remote controlled boom for mosquito Barrier Spraying, Larvaciding, Adulticiding and other possible agricultural uses. The directional boom controlled from the cab makes for easy use in any situation.





Model: 2742
Type: ULV chemical aerosol applicator
Engine: Aluminum twin cylinder, 4 cycle gasoline, 18 hp electric start with alternator
Blower: Direct drive, positive displacement rotary type. Air output up to 11.2 m3 / min @ 8 PSI
Nozzle system: Boom type with 360 degree horizontal adjustment (azimuth) and 360 degree vertical adjustment (elevation) 2 nozzles
Chemical System: Pressured tank with Flow meter control: adjustable output 0 to 40 oz. Min
Tanks Formulation tank: 10 Gallon Stainless steel
Fuel Tank: 7.8 Gallon polyethylene (high density)
Particle size: Meets all currently available chemical manufacturers' label requirements with 90% or more of the droplets under 20 microns
Weight empty: 185 kg
Weight filled: 262 kg
Length: 111.8
Width: 94 cm
Height: 76 cm
Mounting base frame: L x W: 96.5 cm x 76.2 cm