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Superhawk II Dyna-Fog


Compact, ultra-light-weight and powerful, the latest generation of the Superhawk product line offers yet another option for Public Health officials and other industry professionals. Powered by the same reliable Dyna-Fog® stainless steel engine, the Superhawk II remains the machine of choice by Health Ministry professionals, Mosquito Control Departments, Pest Control operators and others. It's ultra-light-weight design and ability to produce large volumes of dense fog make the Superhawk II ideal for use in both local and remote areas. Built to rigid quality standards and backed by more than 65 years in the industry, the Superhawk II continues to be an essential part of any program where performance, simplicity and reliability are required. 


Performance Of Combustion Engine: 22 KW., 18,900 KCal/hr., 30 HP.
Solution Output: 0-42 L/hr. 0-11 U.S. Gal/hr.
Produces 76,000 cubic feet (2200 cubic meters) of effective output per minute
Flow Control: Metering Valve
Solution Tank Capacity: 4.5 liters (1.2 gallons)
Solution Tank Construction: Aluminum
Fuel Tank Pressure: zero (not required).
Solution Tank Pressure: 0.28 Bar. (4 PSI.).
Gasoline Tank Capacity: 1.1 liters (0.3 gallons)
Gasoline Tank Construction: Aluminum
Gasoline Tank Pressure: Vented, Non-Pressurized
Gasoline Consumption: 1.9 L/hr. (0.5 Gal/hr.)
Ignition Source: "Buzzer" coil.
Battery: 12 VDC: (8) 1.5V "D" Size. With Auxiliary Start (Cigarette Lighter Cable)
Fog Particle Size: 0.5 - 50 Microns (VMD.)
Weight (Empty): 7.5 kilograms (16.5 pounds)
Dimensions (cm):
Dimensions (inches):
132 X 24 X 36 (L X W X H)
52 X 9 X 14 (L X W X H)
Shipping Size (cm):
Shipping Size (inches):
140 X 28 X 41 (L X W X H)
55 X 11 X 16 (L X W X H)
Shipping Weight: 14.5 kilograms, 32 pounds
Shipping Volume: .16 cubic meters, 5.6 cubic feet
Options: Metering Valve
Warranty: One Year.