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12”-18” Capacity Drum-Style Chippers

Bandit’s powerful medium-capacity drum-style chippers are taking the industry by storm. The durability of a Bandit chipper meets the high production of a larger diameter drum in these medium-capacity machines.


• The most compact of Bandit’s eight hydraulic feed drum-style chippers

• Features a large 13” x 17” throat opening to accept bulky material

• Specifically designed for municipalities, rental companies, and tree services looking for a high-performance, lightweight chipper

MoDEL 1390XP

• Uses a highly-efficient 37” diameter drum

• Drum is a full 15” larger in diameter than many competitive chippers

• Two powerful 7-1/2” diameter x 17” wide horizontal feed wheels

• Two 15.5 CID hydraulic motors pull whole trees into the chipper

• Available as a heavy-duty Model 1390HD with larger feed system

MoDEL 1390HD

• Two horizontal feed wheels allow this machine to aggressively pull and crush material

• Engine options from 97- to 142-horsepower

• Features a 17.75” x 19.5” chipper opening

MoDEL 1590XP

• Features a 37” diameter drum, rugged construction and durable components

• Unique synchronized feed system yields a uniform product

• Minimizes the amount of energy required to chip

• Wide infeed opening and powerful feed system

• Designed for large diameter chipping

• One of the most powerful chippers available on the market today