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19” Capacity Drum-Style Chippers

Our beefy Model 1890 is available in three styles: standard, heavy- duty, and the ‘Brute’. These aggressive chippers throw hard enough to fully load a 40’ trailer. The 1890XP offers compact power and productivity, while the tandem-axle 1890hD gives you a more powerful feed system. The 1890 ‘Brute’ gives you larger engine horsepower options on a compact single axle - weighing in under 10,000 lbs.

MoDEL 1890XP

• Dependable drum-style chipper

• Features a 20-1/2” x 26” chipper opening

• Feed system that is capable of pulling whole trees into the chipper

MoDEL 1890HD

• Shows no fear when presented with larger diameter materials

• Large pockets to catch the chips as they come off the knife

• Power Slot allows proper air flow through the discharge

• Virtually impossible to plug

MoDEL 1890 ‘BRUTE’

• Equipped with higher horsepower engine options

• Weighs less than 10,000 lbs. to accommodate local transportation restrictions

• Most versatile 19” capacity drum-style chipper available on the market

• Comes equipped with a single 12,000 pound leaf-spring axle